Our Commitment to the Environment

COOL KITCHEN® Green Cuisine™ products are made with a ceramic
non-stick coating by Weilburger Germany. Environmentally friendly Greblon®
Ceram is based on sol-gel technology, where mineral particles are suspended
in a solution that gels together to form a coating. This means that the non-stick is
mineral-based, allowing it to combine excellent high temperature resistance with
unbeatable release properties. It also means that the surface is extremely hard, making
it scratch and abrasion resistant. The result is incredibly easy to clean, highly durable non-stick cookware that is made to last.

Greblon® Ceram is free of PTFE and PFOA. Even at extreme high temperatures (when a pan may be accidentally overheated, for example) it will not emit any chemical by-products. As no PFOA is used in its production, no harmful chemicals are released into the environment. Because the coating is mineral-based, it requires a lower curing temperature and therefore needs less energy during manufacturing.

Green Tips for Your Kitchen

  • Choose the right tools. Buying cheap cookware will only cost you more in the long run and will amount to more waste. Properly cared for, a good set will last a lifetime.
  • Save energy! Invest in good cookware that does not require high heat due to efficient heat distribution and retention qualities.
  • Use high heat only when necessary, such as for browning or searing.
  • To prevent heat loss and improve energy efficiency, cover cookware while cooking.
  • Turn burners off before food is completely cooked and allow the heat retained in cookware to finish the cooking process.
  • To avoid heat loss when using electric stoves, use pots that are the same size or larger in diameter than the burner.
  • To avoid energy loss when using gas stoves, make sure the flame does not climb the sides of your cookware.